What We Do

Sixth Dimension provides program, project and construction management services for healthcare, justice, education, and other public facilities.

We believe that the major keys to success are clarity of goals and objectives, pro-active management, proper controls, open communication and a collaborative team approach.

We provide the full spectrum of services, in a comprehensive way using proven methods and today’s tools, always focused on gaining your trust, adding value and delivering results.

Program Management

Program Management is an umbrella of services that enables consistency among all projects within the program, provides standard resources for projects’ benefit, and program level guidance and support. It also develops vehicles for projects to learn from each other and develops systems to identify deviations from established metrics. This enables higher level managers to focus on the right issues and projects that need their attention.

Our program management services include:

  1. Establishing program goals and objectives
  2. Developing the program management plan, program roles and responsibilities
  3. Develop design standards
  4. Implement program policies and procedures
  5. Develop and implement program information systems
  6. Create and maintain the program Master Schedule and publish monthly status updates
  7. Develop the program budget, establish funding approach and monitor costs
  8. Establish project procurement delivery options (Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, CM@ Risk etc.)
  9. Manage program components for consistency and program compliance
Project Management

Your project is the most important project to you. It needs to be the most important project to your management team also. You deserve OUR personal attention to YOUR project. We will manage your projects by first establishing its parameters – scope, budget, schedule and quality and developing the systems and controls to ensure that they are met.

Our project management services include:

  1. Project scope definition
  2. Procurement approach finalization and management
  3. Develop project management plan
  4. Develop and update project schedules
  5. Budget development, cost estimating and management
  6. Manage the design process
  7. Ensure compliance with scope, budget and schedule
  8. Implement the Project Information and Control System
  9. Provide monthly project status reports
Cost Management

Successful cost management begins with the establishment of the right budget for the defined scope and continues through the careful monitoring of the project through its life cycle to ensure that it is always proceeding within the budget, without compromising scope.

Our cost management services include:

  1. Budget development, consistent with scope and considering all project costs
  2. Cost estimating at all stages of design and reconciliation with budget
  3. Monitoring the design for consistency with scope and budget
  4. Value Engineering and Value Analysis
  5. Cost management system to track budget, encumbrances and expenditures
  6. Effective administration and negotiation of contract changes
Construction Management

Our construction management approach is uniquely tailored to each project we undertake. Our past experience has taught us that the approach needs to be fundamentally different, depending on the size and scope of the project. We have managed all types of projects, from small to large, and green field renovation and retrofit, while keeping the focus on scope/quality, schedule and budget.

Our construction management services include:

  1. Managing the construction phase
  2. Coordinating the RFI, submittals and payments
  3. Meetings management
  4. Schedule review and updates
  5. Reviewing and negotiation of change orders
  6. Inspecting and testing coordination
  7. Managing the close-out process
  8. Dispute and claims avoidance
Schedule Management

We approach schedule management with the focus that time is money. By managing time effectively, we will help you achieve your project objectives faster, while saving money. Success in time management starts with proper planning, proactive management and meticulous implementation.

Our schedule management services include:

  1. Development and update of Project Master Schedule
  2. Development of preliminary construction schedule
  3. Review of the Builder’s Construction Schedule and updates and recovery schedules
  4. Delay and time extension analysis
  5. Early identification and resolution of all project issues
Design & Constructability Reviews

A key component of our quality management approach is to conduct a comprehensive design and constructability reviews of the design documents at various stages. This process assures that design is proceeding in accordance with established scope and other parameters and the final documents are well coordinated, biddable and buildable. Using Building Information Modelling to identify conflicts is part of our review process. Sixth Dimension’s constructability reviews ensure the effective and timely integration of construction knowledge into conceptual planning, design, construction, and field operations to achieve your project objectives.

The various review services we provide are:

  1. Design review to verify compliance of design with the established scope, design standards and other parameters
  2. Constructability reviews to verify that the documents are coordinated, biddable, buildable
  3. Development or review of contract documents to verify that proper control languages are incorporated, for all delivery methods
Program Controls

Program controls are essential elements of successful program management. They aggregate project level information to program level; identify deviations from established metrics; provide projects with consistent way of reporting information; provide standard resources in terms of templates, policies and procedures to project teams; become a central repository of all program level information; and can provide business workflows to manage processes such as invoice processing etc. Sixth Dimension has specialized in providing well thought out program control systems for multiple major programs.

Typical elements of an effective program controls system are:

  1. Summary dashboards related to overall program level performance
  2. Project level dashboards displaying summary project level information
  3. Master project schedule, comparing plan with performance
  4. Master budget management report summarizing funding, budget, encumbrance, expenditure and cost forecasts
  5. Identification of issues, patterns and trends, with a ‘lessons learned’ module
  6. Exception reporting identifying deviations to established metrics
  7. Repository of program standards and information for easy and reliable access
  8. Business process workflows, based on specific needs of each program, if required
Project Controls

The purpose of project controls is to provide the essential project management tool to ensure that the project is completed in accordance with the established parameters for scope, budget, schedule and quality. The Sixth Dimension team effectively uses project controls to supplement their management expertise to deliver results.

Typical project controls services include:

  1. Schedule control through master schedule updates, design schedule monitoring and construction schedule management
  2. Cost control system that tracks budget, funding, encumbrances, changes, expenditure, forecasts and variations
  3. Document management system that is an easy to use repository of all project information
  4. Work flows comes to manage all project processes, such as RFI, submittals, change orders, payments etc.